Monday, 21 December 2009

December 21st 2009

The snow was still with us for most of the day but this
evening it is raining so perhaps a thaw has set in!


  1. Thaw so soon? Lucky YOU! But really I cannot complain about the snow here in Canada this time of year - it's so beautiful!

  2. Beautiful shot! Love the scenery! Just enough snow, you don't need what we got:
    20-27 inches!
    It was a real Blizzard!
    But the sun is shining again!

  3. A lovely photo. We have had the same type of weather here, first the snow came then rain. In between we had lots of ice.

    I saw you on another blog and thought I would pop over for a visit.

    The Road to Here

  4. Our snow is at the messy stage now on the ground but the trees and shrubs still look pretty.

  5. Oops! Where did my comment go? Our snow is at the messy stage now though the trees and shrubds still look pretty. We're forecast rain and fog later in the week.